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Pennington, NJ Solution to 15+ Year Battle With Incompetence

Lesson: Cheap Roofing is not Cheap

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Sometimes, we have to get serious:  
Bad Design Shoddy Repair Work
This area should have never been shingled. Caulk never will stop a leak.
Very Bad Design No Planning Caulk never works
Shingles rely upon layers and slope. The above is a dead spot that was leaking profusely. Caulk will never work to stop a roof leak.
Result - Major Rot 15 years of sorry patch work
Water was wicking upward from the poor flashings. Starting at the cedar siding that was cut tight to the roof and caulked to death. Water had no free flow runoff path.
Rot, rot, more rot
The snow would fill in these valleys and with the house heating system just below, in the attic: The melting snow would flow downward only to freeze on the narrow eave-box and the continued water flow would back up into the home in an unrelenting, damaging repeating cycle of misery.

Never to be a problem again...

Seamed & Soldered Metal Roofing

Hardiplank on Side Walls raised to 4" from roof. New Shingles, Plywood, Flashings, Ice & Snow Melt System, themostatically controlled. This was a relief and was completed just in time for the holidays and the first snow of the season =

Happy Customers

Cheap roofing is very expensive Complete Systematic Approach
Thermostatically controlled electric snow & ice melt system. Custom copper pans seamed and soldered. New substrate to replace serious damage.

Contact us to resolve your ice dam issues.

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4 Seasons Home Page
Slate Roof Repairs
Expert Flashings
Low Slope Roofing
Ice Dam Prevention







































































Ice Dams Resolved with Ice Melt Systems and Metal Roofing Custom Copper Soldered Flat Seam Roofing

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Website written by, Robert Wewer