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Roofing Links for the types of roofing we service in the Philadelphia area. Asphalt Roofing Shingles Expert Flashings  Chimney Flashings  Metal Work Open metal valleys  copper tin Slate Tile Cedar Roofing and Repair Copper Roofing Standing Seam Tin Roofing STanding Seam Low Sloped "Flat" Roof Ice Dam Prevention Snow Guards Snow Rails Galvanized Steel Roofing cost effective alternative Flat Seamed and Soldered Copper Roofing Roof Coatings Cool Roof Coatings Philadelphia Commercial Roofing Roof Repair Philadelphia Area Roofing Repair Philadelphia Free Estimates

The answer to the traffic bearing low sloped roof and an appealing deck to which the extension of your living area can be proudly be displayed.

The roof over your head is often taken for granted, unless it has special characteristics that enhance your life, namely the appearance and perceived value of your property. Your roof should be more than just a commodity. Your roof should be special, as much as the budget, architectural and design limitations allow. Your roof affords you security and the years listed for the warranty of your roof should be considered not only as a number itself, but as a way to gauge of the quality of the materials. The higher quality materials tend to stand up to more of the elements and may indeed survive storm events that are beyond the norm for the standard grade materials. A seasoned contractor can offer far more than the one-trade service and the seasoned insight toward true value is immeasurable.

Authentic Tin Porch Roof
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To the left: The Authentic Touch of a real hand fashioned "Tin Roof," by Olde World Craftsmen. (This is a brand new TCS roof hand-made in the historic tradition of the "Tin Knockers."

Yardley, Pa.

History of American Iron & Steel Roofing.....

Nostalgic Simplicity

Approaching your roofing decision solely from an investment perspective can backfire later on in several ways. Usually the one-trade contractors have limited knowledge regarding the intricacies of flashing details, etc. One way to look at your roofing decision is that you do not want a contractor to look upon your roof in the same way many do with the mind-set as to the amount of money alone, that it requires to do a replacement job. Once awarded the contract, this approach leads to a one-trade contractor facilitating the absolute minimum to achieve payment. Why do you think there is such a stigma with roofing contractors? Is it the consumer that demands a better price, or is it the contractor that only offers the minimum that is the root cause of the many roof failures in the industry? It is both because without one you would not have the other. So, take a long look at your roof and speak to a professional about doing the very best you can with what you have.

There is no “one size fits all” for roofing, as every roof has its very own unique character and set of challenges that must be met. The roof over your head is made up of components, some of which are contained inside the building and cannot be examined from a “topside” inspection. Although the more unscrupulous roofers have generated a negative and spurious stigma that haunts the industry, there are genuine and knowledgeable tradesmen still left that deliver the quality you desire and deserve. With the trained staff and the knowledge of nearly three decades of service, FSI Restorations will deliver your new roof on time, on budget, and with the highest quality standards in the industry.

Fiberglass Reinforced Asphalt Shingles: Heat, Ventilation & today's products.
Expert Flashings: Often overlooked and frequently revisited, proper flashing work takes time and is reflected in a quality job proposal.
Open Metal Valleys: Aesthetical Value and formidable.
Ice Dam Prevention: Devastating damage can be averted.
Ventilation Presentation: A New Roof Installation should include provision for proper ventilation.
Low Sloped Roofing: Asphalt, Rubber, TPO, PVC and related low sloped products.

VELUX Skylights: Finest in the industry for shingle, slate, tile, cedar and metal roofing.

We are big on recycling. Many beautiful roofs are thrown away to the landfills that could have been serviced and kept alive. The links below depict examples of recycled roofs that are expected to last for another 100+ yrs expected life cycle. Not all slate and tile roofs can be saved, but to get the truth, you have to call an expert.


We repair when our competitors recommend replacement. We reclaim when they remove and destroy!

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Recycled Tile Roof

Ludowici Tile Roof Recycle Job, Half Round Gutter, Custom Cornice

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Copper Portico    


Attic mold under your roof is a serious problem that should be addressed by a mold remediation expert.
Mold Remediation Philadelphia
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