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Philadelphia Stucco Remediation

If you have a roof deck with Stucco above, get the same company to rectify both problems.

"The difference between an applicator and a tradesman is in the details."

Fiberglass Roof Decks Philadelphia Area

■Repairs with a Warranty!

We respond to your call for diagnosis of leaks.  We find the leak and you are experiencing.  We provide you with the most professional diagnosis and estimate for a solution, not a useless patch over of the symptoms. 

Real solutions are what we provide.  You must beware of the companies that rise and inevitably fall by the wayside, leaving customers with useless warranties.  This is rampant in our industry. 

There is an irony to the cycle that goes on in the industry.  The Subcontractors that create the problems are actually now in the business of fixing their own problems at your expense! They have experience in only one trade.  Their trade specialization is narrow and this leaves them at a severe disadvantage at not only installing a proper job in the first place but in diagnosing problems that they and others like them have caused.  Single trade applicators are usually the cause of your problem.

DO NOT REPEAT THE CYCLE! The builders use these subcontractors in the creation of the problems and now they want you to pay them again. You need an experienced company that stands behind their work. 10 Year Warranty on repairs.

■Over 40 Years Experience!

The leaks in the city are often are not caused by the fiberglass reinforced membrane, but other items that can cause problems. We have extensive experience in exterior cladding.

Call an expert and get the straight story - the truth!

■We repair and offer 10 year warranty on repairs. We fix what the subcontractors caused. These are young inexperienced installers that do not have the exterior cladding experience to fix complex leaks. The builders' warranties are worthless as they will send a guy with a tube of caulk. Caulk is a serviceable item and will, generally, not stop a leak and if so only for a little while. The installers know fiberglass decks and many times do a good job at installing the roof decks. There is far more to this than the expertise of installing roof decks. The same people that caused the problems are now answering the call to fix their work and have you pay for it again! If you are to have to bear this burden, please just entertain the knowledge of an expert first. We know our business! We are the second or third to repair some of these roof decks because of lack of integrity. This is why we say, "DON'T REPEAT THE CYCLE!" We offer a real warranty and we do return promptly in the event of any problem, even with the work of others, neighbor's leaks, etc. Call the PROS.

■Over Four Decades of Roofing, Siding, Stucco, Windows, Doors, Flashings, Details, Details Details ......of Experience! They say "The devil is in the details;" Well there is certainly more to a fiberglass roof deck than the fiberglass! A fiberglass subcontractor does just the fiberglass and then the builder has others come in that just do their part and therein lies the train-wrecks we are seeing in the city. If you look at our main 3000+ page main site as it reveals the level of our expertise. You will be hard pressed to find another contractor with our level of experience.


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We repair and replace faulty Flashings, Chimney Flashings which are common industry problems.


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Fiberglass is the finest low sloped cladding in the world. It is traffic bearing and monolithic and it lasts indefinitely! Everyone seems to want a fiberglass roof deck in the city and we receive a lot of calls for them. A rooftop deck is most desirable as an outdoor extension of the living area. There are many fiberglass roof decks in the city of Philadelphia and it seems there will be no decrease in the growth of the membrane’s popularity.


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Philadelphia Roof Deck Repairs

What is not widely known is that the structure under a deck must be formidable and a standard roof structure will not do the job. One should not even consider a roof deck unless the framing is adequate to hold a roof deck. There are contractors treating standard roofing situations as if they can just change to a new membrane (fiberglass) and give the client what they want. CONTACT US

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Like any job, planning and preparation are so important. A fiberglass deck must be thought out and a plan must be in place for structure, slope, substrate, etc. Vertical walls rising up above the plane of the deck with the associated window and door penetrations are especially vulnerable to moisture penetration. Directional winds pound walls and entry points and improper cladding and/or flashing leads to leakage which can wreak havoc to a good deck and structure below. CONTACT US

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Philadelphia’s fiberglass market has exploded but not without some issues as the tax abatement plan has been like blood in the water for the profit sharks in revitalization. Builders are making the same mistakes over and over as they engage the services of single-trade applicators (subcontractors). We are often called in to fix the problems. You may have visited this site today to find an answer to a problem that you are experiencing. We have 40 years in this business and we can help.

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Trade knowledge is our strong suit. To remedy issues that can be complex, single-trade installers are not going to be your answer. The mentality that caused the problem cannot solve it. Don’t repeat the cycle!  

Don't use subcontractors

Our “competition” (and we use that term loosely here) in fiberglass are using subcontractors. Often the very people that created the problem you are experiencing are called upon to remedy the situation under a new banner or business. The repair contractors are repeating the cycle. We know this because we often are fixing work that has been done over multiple times before our arrival and with the same mistakes repeated, over and over again. 

We know that when the building code is vague and designates the “manufacturer” specifications as the reference for specifics:  You have a problem!  The single-trade installer is the manufacturer!  Purchasing the raw fiberglass materials and building the roof deck, the subcontractor is the manufacturer.  The single-trade applicator works with no oversight!  Building and Code Enforcement do not oversee nor do they inspect:  This is the sad reality.  Your builder does not know anything about the intricacies of fiberglass roof deck installation.  So the installers are the only quality-control you have.  This is absolutely dangerous as the builder searches the marketplace for the cheapest installers he can find to do the job.   Then they are turned loose to create and install rooftop decks with zero oversight!


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