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Green Roofing : A Recycled Slate Roof (Purple too...)







      Hampton, NJ - A Roofer's Pride - Recycling at its best! A labor of love.        
Colors Colors Colors of Recycled slate roof

Beautiful hues of Vermont Slate: Purple, Green and (buffed) Sea-Green Slate adorn the rooftop of this old Folk Victorian farmhouse in Hampton, NJ


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Folk Victorian in Hampton, NJ

Not very often are we so lucky to install a roof of such character and with a story behind it. It seems that many years ago there was a church that had this vivid Vermont Slate Roof of Greens, Purples, and Sea-Greens. The roof had just weathered to where the Sea-Greens were buff-brown and a stray slate managed to fall from the roof near where a ‘lil old lady was standing. This incident frightened the church members so, that the slate was removed and an asphalt roof was installed.

The contractor that removed the slate was wise enough to hold on to some of it and he held it with the intention of doing his own roof, but the years went by and he retired and put an ad in the local newspaper, to sell this slate.

The newspaper ad caught the attention of a couple in Hampton, NJ, owners of the property we have highlighted here on our site. They ran out and bought the old slate for a very small fraction of what it would cost new.


Vermont Slate Roof in Progress


It happened to be that there was just the right amount to do this roof in Hampton, NJ. The couple rented a truck and loaded the material and stacked it like pros at their home in Hampton. They waited and interviewed contractors and settled on FSI Restorations. The Chimney had to be rebuilt prior to the new roof being done. Who would want their new slate roof ruined, and what mason would want to work atop what was to be a work of art?

FSI had inspected the slate, which was found of excellent quality, the least of which (the Sea-Greens, now buffed to brown and tan) would last at least another 100 years, and the job was “slated” for late 2004, but the chimney had to be done and if you want the best, the famous “Chimney Savers,” out of Flemington, NJ, you have to wait a while.

The customer was very patient through the scorching summer, when no roofer in his right mind would endeavor to do an entire slate roof like this, until the autumn of 2005. They waited, living under the old weather beaten Pa. Black Slate Roof with Terne Coated Steel Flashings that had seen it best days many decades ago.

Before After
Original PA Black Slate Colorful recycled Vermont slate roof

FSI came and the weather was just right for this application. The compliment of seasonal color from the leaves turning and falling onto this roof set the tempo for the overflow of complimentary expression throughout the town. Passers by stopped to take in this roofing project that represented a beautiful and colorful change for the community.

Now as our customers were patient in arriving at the roof of their dreams, they are now contemplating the exterior color scheme that will complement the completed roof.


recycled Vermont Slate We inspect, evaluate and repair Slate and Tile Roofs
New roof of Beauty Greens Purples Sea Greens buffed to Brown Recycled Slate Roof

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