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Windows, PHANTOM LEAKS, and the Big Box Stores

When Window Installations Seem To Leak??

Window Replacement Had To Be Done Over - Bad Installation - Costly Experience  

Windows from the big box stores or the big retailers are not always the best deal no matter what the payment plan the fancy talking sales guy touts in front of you.

Case in point: Salesman said, “Lifetime Warranty.” He left out that it only covered certain parts of the window. The warranty on the installation was only what was legally mandatory, one year. We recently replaced an entire window job done a little over a year before by one of the biggest names in replacement windows on the East Coast of the United States. The new windows were drafty, and massive condensation was occurring on the inside of the windows with frost in the winter.

After the complete removal and disposal of the new windows, we were able to completely diagnose the problem. Elaborate brake work was done to create external stops and the capping retuned into the interior of the home, just behind a bead of caulk. These were originally metal framed windows that were ripped out, and no buck frames were installed, hence the fancy brake work. A fundamental lack of understanding of the concept of a ?Thermal Break? was blatantly missing from the training of the crew. The fancy breakwork brought the cold metal into the warmth and condensation was enormous. The complaint was that the windows "leaked."

Long story made short: Who can you trust? It is sad that the homeowner had a one year warranty and after several return trips to caulk and attempts to band-aid fix the problem, they called Four Seasons and paid again for the job to be done properly.

Update: Subsequently, this client did have a stress crack in one of our windows and we quickly had a remake made and serviced our customer free of charge. Our warranty is ten full years and the window warranty is lifetime. When our customers call, we respond and make sure they are serviced with the highest level of professionalism in the industry.

These stories are common. To the right are 3 thumbnail photos that are linked to actual photographs of window installations that were failing on a job where Four Seasons was doing siding. The windows were obviously top of the line, but the installation was faulty. It seems our customers were sold the best, but the production department of another one of these major Big Box players in the industry, sent out the window installers with only the windows, aluminum, and nails and caulk. This is an example of fancy break-work in the making of a one piece external stop and trim, but the metal transfered the temperature outside, right into the building! You will see more highlighted on this in the job photos for siding.


What we did: We removed the hollow metal back as far as was accessable without complete removal of the windows. We insulated the perimeters and installed one inch of rigid insulation, mechanically fastening the trim (as a batten) to the framing. AND THE TRIM - WOW - TAKE A LOOK. The windows are now performing well!

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It is a shame that the times of the astute and caring career old world craftsmen that were aware of such issues has faded. What we have today is a majority of window installers that remain in the trade only a few years, never to really learn and to grow as seasoned journeymen and to mature in the trade and to pass it along to the next generation.

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