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Integral Gutters

Gutters come in a varying range of sizes and styles. The old historical Yankee and Pole guttering systems require a metal lining that is installed over a slip sheet and fastened with clips, then seamed and soldered. Commercial roofing membranes have been used to line these systems successfully when pecuniary expenditures are of primary concern, while aesthetics and historical accuracy are not paramount and motivating factors. There is a link above that leads to our Yankee Gutter page.

old fashioned wood gutter
half round gutter diagram

Half Round Gutters

These systems are historically accurate for the period of the rise of the industrial revolution in our country and they replaced older measures that were integral in nature. These gutter systems, most commonly of copper, however sometimes made of galvanized and aluminum, seem to accumulate less in the way of foliage blockage because of their open nature and wrap-around exterior mounting systems.
half round copper
k style gutter

K Style Gutters

This type of modern system is sturdy and aesthetically appealing. Seamless aluminum K Style guttering is used extensively in contemporary construction. The fasteners do become impedances when attempting to clean these gutters. These gutters are more difficult to clean and they are more prone to become clogged with leaves.

k style gutter
gutter screen coverings and protection

Leaf Guards - Screens - Helmets, etc.

The old rolled gutter screening that used to be the installed over guttering proved to sag under the weight of wet foliage and become more of a problem than a solution. The systems available today to remedy the clogging issues experienced by homeowners are more varied than the gutter systems themselves. These retrofit systems range from screening to complete metal gutter coverings. There has even been a guttering system that has incorporated the covering design into the gutter in one configuration.

Some of these products have a raised profile that can actually impede water run-off and can promote dams and infiltration of water into the structure of the building.


A roofing contractor should install your gutter protection system. All too often homeowners are caught in the middle of gutter covering companies and roofing contractors pointing blame at each other for the demise of their respective systems.

Many of today's roofing contractors shy away from the whole topic of gutter protection systems. There are sound reasons that roofers don't want the trouble of maintaining such systems. The reputable contractor intends on servicing a client in the event of a complaint. Gutter protection installation is always a serviceable item. No gutter protection system is without flaw. At the very best, when 100% of the leaves are kept out of the system, the bottom of the inside of the gutter develops an accumulation of sludge. This sludge eventually will dry out and crack in the dry season. When heavy rain brings water flow to the outlets, the sludge deposits will clog the downspouts.

Rain gutters will always require cleaning, unless they are in an environment that is absolutely devoid of organic debris. These situations are very rare, so count on the maintenance of your gutter systems.

A protective gutter covering is a good idea, as long as:

1. It will not impede the function of the gutter.
2. It is removable to enable access to the gutter for cleaning.
3. It does not damage your roofing system.

We highly recommend the heavy metal Gutter Shingle System that eliminates the expansion and contraction problems of vinyl products. It installs without the use of mechanical fasteners that would damage a roofing system.

  Gutter Shingle by Berger Brothers is just that type of product. It is rigid. It is removable. It is strong and it stays in position for life. gutter screen
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