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If you came across our website in your quest for information about siding, you have arrived at one of the few places where truth will precede and prevail over profit motivated sales pitches.
(In light of Federal Antitrust Laws, and since we have been warned that we may be found in violation, we must encourage those who want to know more about siding to search the internet for the truth about the siding you are thinking about purchasing).
We do not install Vinyl Siding!

Below is the "Weather Barrier Statement," from the VSI, and the real impetus for the big push toward the latest house-wrap mentality.


The Vinyl Siding Institute issued: "The VSI Weather Resistant Barrier Statement." The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) is the trade association representing manufacturers of vinyl siding as well as suppliers of raw materials, equipment, and services to the industry.

NEW CODE V.S.I. 2003- 2004 Vinyl siding provides a supplemental rain screen that enhances the weather-resistant exterior wall system by reducing the amount of water that reaches the underlying weather-resistant barrier. Because of its design and application, vinyl siding allows the material underneath it to breathe, helping to keep the structure of the home or building safer and healthier. A weather-resistant exterior wall system is defined as a system that includes water shedding materials and water diversion materials. The exterior wall system commonly consist of a combination of exterior cladding such as vinyl siding, flashed wall openings and penetrations, weather resistant barrier material, and sheathing. Effective exterior wall systems will shed the water initially, control moisture flow by capillary and diffusion action, and minimize absorption into the wall structure. The weather resistance requirement is determined by the applicable building code and climate. Requirement: 2004 International Residential Code (IRC) Supplement To achieve designed performance and to comply with the IRC, vinyl siding must be installed over a weather resistant barrier system that includes both:

• A continuous weather resistant material complying with ASTM D226 or other approved weather-resistant material, and

• A properly integrated flashing around all penetrations where vinyl siding interfaces with other building products such as brick, stone, or stucco. Refer to VSI's “Vinyl Siding Installation Manual” ( which is based in part on ASTM D4756, Standard Practice for Installation of Rigid Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Siding and Soffit or the manufacturer's installation manual for specific product applications and recommendations.

Any product(s) used as part of a weather-resistant exterior wall system should meet the applicable code. Contact the manufacturer of the weather resistant barrier material(s) to ask about building codes. Always consult the applicable building code for minimum weather barrier requirements in a given area. Note that additional measures may provide increased protection against water intrusion than the minimum requirements of the building code. For more information visit or call Kisha Riddick at VSI at (202) 587-5106. The Vinyl Siding Institute, Inc., is located at the National Housing Center in Washington, DC, and represents manufacturers of vinyl siding and suppliers to the vinyl siding industry.

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You may read our thoughts about underlayments never being intended as primary waterproofing agents. These statements we publised regarding the new trends in roofing, but we believe they are just as valid regarding siding.

'J' Channels cause leaks and the practice of using them on exterior applications is mechanically incorrect.

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