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In Newtown, Pa., 2004: Certainteed Weatherboards Siding. The call was regarding the issue of peeling paint and "blisters" on the outside of the home. This type of a problem is caused by high moisture vapor within the home. As it escapes through the walls the final obstacle of a formidable new-age acrylic latex paint will not allow the moisture vapor to leave the structure. Moisture vapor condenses into water and the result is a "water bag" or "blister" that forms in many areas of the exterior of the home. The paint splits front the weight of the water and leaves a bare spot on the wood siding.

We have done several homes in this same area of Newtown, Pa. and every one has exhibited some degree of the same problem. One home in this same development in Newtown, Pa. had more severe damage from moisture and mold and rot inside the walls. The link to that story is listed below.

Another siding job on the same street exposed Mold inside walls in Newtown, Pa.

We want to highlight our siding experiences in Newtown, Pa., but we must also mention the realities of the high watertable and moisture that are inherent problems with many homes in this area of Newtown, Pa.

Our Fiber Cement Siding offerings allow walls to "breath" much more than painted wood siding. There are many pages on this website that can help provide valuable information to moisture mitigation.


Newtown, Pa

Certainteed Weatherboards

"Bulletproof" Solid Finish


Before Before
Before Before Before After After
2004 Newtown, Pa: Certainteed Weatherboards 4? Clapboard Beige Siding & AZEK Solid PVC Trim Therma-tru Door System with Sidelights and Transom FYPON Entry System enhanced with AZEK PVC Cornice.
Condition: The existing wood on this home was painted with high quality latex, forming and impermeable and non-breathing envelope. Warm, moist air migration through the walls meeting the last barrier (the latex paint) condensed in colder weather forming water sacks on the exterior behind the new paint.
Solution: Provide a breathable exterior that will weather for a lifetime and be maintenance free for the next quarter century. We removed the old wood siding and installed pre-finished Certainteed Weatherboards Siding in Beige.
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